Everything is coming up Roses: a Pasadena Daily Photo!

These are weird times we’re living in alright.  My fellow loco blogger’s have all seemingly been looking skyward lately.  Maybe, that’s just the season for such.  So, I’m gonna be a daily photo blogger for a day, like on a semi-monthly basis or whatever base I can get to safely.

And, the weirdness continues.  I look out my window the other day onto Colorado Blvd, as I’ve done 1 trillion times before, and what do I see:

How can this be? What does it all mean?

A rose bloomin out of what looks like a fern?  But, where’s the torns?  Then, the rose is growing up around a, light pole?  Where’s the banners I’m used to seeing, in normal times, proclaiming this to be the Pasadena Playhouse District?

What’s all this about?  A rose growing out of a fernlike creature.  I’ve been transported from the Playhouse District to apparently, magically, the Rose District – whatever that means?

And what does it mean?

No. Wait.  It can’t be. Not yet again.  I’ve been through this 1 thousand times before.  The Tournament of Roses, already and again??  A New Year, once more?  I’m still working on my leftover Halloween candy!  Next, it’s gonna be my Thanksgiving leftovers for turkey sandwiches.  Besides, I still remember the last Rose Parade when it rained for the first time in half a century – how I was thinking maybe I’d get up early to come just so I could say I was here the last time it rained on our parade – last year!

It didn’t rain last year?  Well, it sure seems like that parade was just a year past, or two.  Are you sure?  Heck, in fact it’s raining on the parade route right now as I speak type!  cloud_rain

I dunno know if I’m ready for this already.  It seems like we just had it 4-5 months ago.  Hey, I’m a parade supporter – just not much of a parade goer.

Can I just enjoy some more relative peace & quiet?  Can everyone just go on vacation somewhere else for change?  Pasadena has too many people already as far as I’m concerned.  I just wanna be able to sit in one of my local cafes without the bustle & roar of a stadium crowd around me.  Is it asking too much?

Yeah, I know, I understand.  But, what does it all mean – anyone??  rose

Sign of de Time


16 responses to “Everything is coming up Roses: a Pasadena Daily Photo!

  1. Yak, bak in Kentucky, huh? You may not wanna come bak to Southern Cal, Yak. You can get that Yak meat only at an Old Pasa restaurant & ADena Hikers hillside compound. Season’s Greetings!

    KB: at first I thought you must have me mistaken. But, it’s true we dogs are good with the loyalty, kindness, & sense of smell for good food. You’re a good woman Karin – Merry/Healthy Christmas.

  2. Woof-woof, Cafe Observer! Know what you mean about the confusin’ humans! Not long ago on the lawn, a reporter I never met before tried to blindside me. Had to bite his hand. WOOOOOFFFFF!!!! Shoulda seen the free-for-all it caused. News media reported it all over the place, gave me a bad name like I’m a bad dog or somethin… me! Lil ol Barney! Hey, where can I get some of that yak meat?

  3. Thanks, Speedo. You’re a buffet of info!
    The German Shepherd (ie, C.O.) has a fear of public barking, so he sent me instead to greet/meet y’all! He also thought if the place wasn’t dog friendly he wouldn’t be able to eat brunch at the table. The next one? Yes, & I’ll try to drag out the infamous Little Laurie – she needs to get out more! The GF appreciates your appreciation!

  4. PIO Ann, we’ll keep a seat open 4 you at de table, especially when we’re cking out touristy Ye Olde Pasa. I tend to avoid them parts & varmints, & stay on the other side of the tracks in Pasadena.

  5. Blogging bi-weekly. OK, I’ll be coming around more often. In four days that bird goes in the oven and hyyyyyyyyyyyg I still haven’t pulled the tree out of the box.
    That hyg above, compliments of Tovah. When it gets cold she’s a heat seeking pest.

  6. P, just got bak from our 1st Meet/Greet/Eat gathering in ye Olde Pasadena. It was a good start.
    So, there will be another (next month, they told me, next year-i told them!) M/G/E and who knows how big this can get?! I see a film or book in the future!.
    I could say, P, that this particular comment of Ann’s was the only one I could print!!

  7. Doc Burchard, Altadena? For eating out?? Like, I said these are weird times. Plus, you can’t leave town! Who’s gonna man, uh, woman, your PDP offices? Then, I suggest you get a guest blogger. (Not me, the only daily job this dog wants is to lay down & take naps) Ask Pasadena’s Closeted Conservative if he’ll man your blog.

    MG, what did you do to MH (& PA!)? What’s cookin on your rainy day menu?

    PIO Ann: we canines tend to be very wary of homo sapiens as a general rule, as you can see by the comments left above. (I can hardly wait 4 the Pasadena Citihall tour next yr – especially your wunderfully antique offices!)

  8. Oh but Mike, as honored as I am to be your trusty assistant, I admit I don’t know which ones are empty during Rose Parade/Bowl season. I hibernate during that time. And this year John and I are actually leaving town for New Year’s.

    One thing I love to do is go downtown and enjoy myself doing whatever I want to do during the Rose Bowl game. See a movie, dine out, shop. The streets are trashed after the parade but nobody’s out.

    But while the town flows with tourist lifeblood, my guess is Altadena is a good bet.

  9. Ahem, KB, while you’ve been in Norway, apparently, u should know I’ve had my trusty assistantDr. Burchard – checking in on your coffee houses. (I’m still working on that other thing, u know.) In fact, KB, I’m gonna have PB give you a special report on Altadena’s Coffee Gallery tomorrow – ck it out on her Pasadena Daily Photo website!
    Glad to be of service to a Hiker.

  10. I think you owe it to us all to come up with a list of places we can visit and still get a table w/o waiting. Especially coffee houses, for that two week window coming up.