Rose Parade Float…de South Pasadena Way

Too often I have trouble saying NO! to people. Especially to good people, friends, wild women, dog lovers, or just folks who wanna feed me at a nice restaurant.

When the “asker” is all the aforementioned: good, friend, girl, a dog lover, & foodie…well! I’ve fallen into their trance trap, suddenly unable to mouth the word, “no.” Helpless to the point of being unable to stop myself from mentioning some nice going’s-on with our tiny neighbor in South Pasadena. smile_secret

AND, when the question popping is done while they’re feeding me good food which instantly switches me on to my feeling good mood, at the BrenArt Restaurant & Wine Bar in Old Pasadena? That’s an old sneaky female trick!

Now, please don’t tell me YOU want a review! Ok, okay – I can’t say no, yes? Here then: it’s good & friendly. I like the work of Chef Yi-Fan. He a good guy who just wants to get better & better. Plus he’s a local product of our California School of Culinary Arts. One more thing – he gets their bread at the tasty Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe on Colorado Blvd. That’s a hard to turn down combo. There!, satisfied? Just go visit & support his restaurant.

Just like I’m supporting my girlfriends who are serving time on the South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee (SPTOR). One, a SPHS grad, is on a sub-committee which raises funds for the building of their town Rose Float. No big sponsor for this small place.

That’s a tiny part of de South of Pasadena Way – get the community involved. I’m on her sub-committee doing my small part to assist in rounding up a few businesses to donate items/services for a fund raising auction. (I wanna protest & say, “what’s de rush? Halloween just finished a couple weeks ago. I still have candy to unwrap!”). Our firm is donating some financial services for auction, & an Arcadia co-worker is planning on donating her children to help decorate the float. Plus, I’ve contacted others who are very interested. What about you?

This activity, among others throughout the year, are what “sponsors” or funds the South Pasadena Rose parade float each year. It’s the oldest self-built float entry – just one of a handful of self-built floats remaining – in the long history of the Tournament of Roses. It plans various fund raisers throughout the year for support Auctions are one source of funds. Other way can be found on their website by clicking the link provided on the left.

Oh, what, where was I?? So, if you wish to donate an item or service for auction, I can put you in contact with my wunderful SP TOR committe friend who can show you how easy it is. Just drop a note with your contact info via We need to hear of your interest ASAP!

You will basically receive free PR for your kindness & concern, a mention at the dinner/auction party on December 29th, your name, contact info & donation in the auction program, to say the least. If that isn’t enuf, you’ll also receive a priceless tax deduction letter from the SP TOR which you can use to prove to your friends, or maybe the government, how caring & generous you are.

Finally, being charitable will just make you feel good about helping our gutty little neighbor across our southern border!

UPDATE! Any Items Accepted For Auction Must Be Received By The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee by Monday, December 15th!

Thank You!


20 responses to “Rose Parade Float…de South Pasadena Way

  1. MrEarl, no event, sorry if I was unclear. But it’s the date for notifying the crunch committee of the sptor you will be donating an auctionable item for auction. If you wish to donate I can get you in touch with a person I know on the cc. The auction will be on the 29th. Thanks.

  2. SC, I agree with your Nepal Himalayan Tibetan observation! We all wanna eat there but no one wants to organize us all to meet 4 lunch.

    I noticed the Afghan on Union. I’m gonna try maybe this year, with/without y’all!

  3. I’ve been for lunch at the Tibetan restaurant. I love the setting with beautiful skylights and the service, but the food wasn’t that memorable. I’d be up for trying it again though.

    Has anyone tried the Afghani restaurant on Union?

  4. SC, I basically agree with JG. House party? Yes, if you go the weekends. I would go there mainly for the non-food experience & owner Terri is friendly. Told her she needs to open another AE’s closer, here in Pasadena. The food is good enuf & has gotten better. I 1st came across her joint back in the 90’s & it wasn’t until this century that I made it in. Now, SC, it’s your turn 2 go in.

  5. Did you happen to catch Jonathan Gold’s review of Auntie Em’s in the LA Weekly?

    “Sometimes,” writes Jonathan Gold, “Auntie Em’s feels less like a restaurant than it does like a house party gone slightly out of control.” On a recent return to the popular Eagle Rock restaurant, Gold found that the food has really improved. “And where Auntie Em’s is still a grungy breakfast joint, it is at the moment a grungy breakfast joint where the omelets are scrambled with all manner of organic squashes, the bacon is thick-cut and applewood smoked, and the puddinglike French toast, garnished with fresh berries, is lightly scented with orange and enrobed in a crunchy frieze of beaten egg.”

  6. KB, I’m the host?? More like the dog begging for crumbs to fall off the white linen table as you gals wine/tea & dine.

    You 4got to list PCC, & I’d rather invite MG instead of mh.

    Kb, did you 4get how “ez” it was just for de four of us a couple of months back?
    You humans!! Seems like nothing will get done unless a dog does it.

  7. KB: you can count me in @ de Tibetan Nepal House. A dog’s gotta eat. I’ll give it another try. It’s up 2 u 2 lasso anyone else brave enuf to join. Keep us informed.

  8. Well, my dear, I have never been there (The Tibetan Nepal House). As far as a donation? I have a poetry book written by my secretary and autographed. I think that would be worth “0” to the Rose Squad.

  9. MH: de Tibetan? the food or the chef? 1st impression is that it would be berry interesting. But, our lone visit was less than i expected. What bout you? Gotta give it a 2nd chance sum day. mh, you woodn’t have anything berry interesting to donate wood u??

    MG: of course, you’d have to give ME your Curry tune which references a Huge Zucchini.

  10. PIO Ann, yeah? Well then, you CitiHall EE’s, especially the Public Info Officer, need to keep your public subjects updated w/info on recommended restaurants to ck out. I would say that is one of your most important duties. What about that old style coffeehouse joint on on Holly, btween FOaks & Raymond? (remember U have 2 lunches waiting for that CitiHall photo tour!)

  11. KB, Union St has some interesting food joints, including Siena Italian next door where another friend treated me to. Nonetheless, I don’t know much about these parts since I rarely go into this touristy part of Pasa. Wine, cheeze, along with EuroPane bread? You’re making this dog hungry!

    (I don’t expect too many comments on a post asking for donations!)