OPENING NIGHT! in San Marino

Lights, cameras, action! (Or, is it Lights, Curtains, Action!?)

I happened to be in the Still Speaking Theatre district of the church in San Marino at Del Mar & Huntington Drive yesterday afternoon. My friend, A.L, and I were coming from Russell’s in Ye Olde Towne Pasa after breakfast. You wanna a review?? Here: She liked hers more than I liked mine. There.

I thought, “Hey, tonite is opening nite for their new play,” The Mystery Plays, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and starring our local Pasadena actress, shutter-ladybug Petrea B! (Not to be confused with Gina B, Karin B, George B., or Kenny G). She’s one of our local renaissance women. Besides doing the drama, spreading the humor, walking the dog, shooting the pics, or shooting the breeze, I can personally attest to her fondness for writing (or is it typing) at de Cafe, ranting about nonsense-hohoho!, eating out, taking a hike, and taking photo-tours of whatever she considers historical.

The Still Speaking Theatre

So, gotta give some luv, or free PR, to her & to this. What’s this drama about? Here’s an official quickie capsule from their website:

This provocative drama follows its characters through two related stories involving a train wreck, a ghost and a family murder. Like the original medieval mystery plays, Aguirre-Sacasa’s play wrestles with the most profound of human ideas: the mysteries of death, the afterlife, religion, faith, and forgiveness—in a uniquely American way.

Sounds very interesting to me, which is saying something, and certainly more profound than the spinning you get listening to politicians. Which, btw, leaves me spinning outside my grave. So, what does this all mean to you, of course you say? Dunno, but I’ll just note briefly:

  • It means quality theatre is in your backyard – you don’t need to “go Hollywood” or “go Broadway.”
  • Professional acting. For instance: Petrea was soaping it up on TV’s never ending, Days of Our Lives, last month. She described it as, “On October 1st, I shot a scene for Days of Our Lives”. I’m assuming she meant she was in her front of the camera role and not in her behind the camera mode.
  • We need to support the arts now more than ever with govment sure to saw off a big slice of its budget. The church has a long history of involvement in the arts & music -support their support, they can’t do it alone.
  • You like live acting, and you’ve been to the Pasadena Playhouse, or the Sierra Madre Playhouse. Ok, good. Have you been to this new kid in San Marino? Check it out, help it grow big & strong.

How does one support our local artists? Petrea informed me of the secret code for support: here, click on this: Support The Still Speaking Theatre.

"To The Theatre, Petrea"

The initial run of this new production plays out November 1st – 23rd, on Fri/Sat/Sun days.

My motivation remains the same: assist Petrea to hit it really big so the paparazzi & tabloids will be dying to capture her every move! fingerscrossed Therefore, please support our Pasadena actress!! I can’t do it alone – please go spread the latest word of The Adventures of Petrea.


17 responses to “OPENING NIGHT! in San Marino

  1. WCGB: sorry, you’re stuck in OR. Let me keep you informed: we elected BO as de new President. Pasadena also annexed south pasadena in a bloodless midnight coup. And, I was able to persuade the opening of a new office of Cat-Catcher. Otherwise, nothing new going on down here. You’re in our prayers.

  2. Great idea to see this play. But meanwhile…

    Don’t you think someone should recommend to President-elect Obama that his children choose their White House puppy from a shelter???

  3. T: I was thinking of the new Siena italian in ye Olde Pasa. Visited it, & ate @ BrenArt next door 2day. Isn’t Jack an asian -owning an Italian rest?? Any review on the food at Barcelona?

    Ann chose that becuz she has to be smart as a fox to deal with you newspaper reporters! Or, is it now Internet reporters?
    Well, it looks like you’re a girdle from this angle – your pick.

    You’re awfully brave to have been seen in the company of politicians last nite. As a K9 I woulda had a leash on them! Keep up the good work & I’ll see u at some Cafe.

  4. Had no idea there was a theater there. BarCelona is on the boulevard just a few doors east of the 35er, yes, in that tragically unfashionable part of town. Owner Jack’s first restaurant was Wok’n Roll about 15 years ago. He also owns Villa Sorriso and likes puns. I hadn’t been in BarCelona but it’s v v nice. Cool lounge area with ginormous displays.

  5. PA, yep, Petrea is de best! No, I mean MH is de best. Or is it you? Oh, hell, you women can get me in such a hole.
    Wait a minute I didn’t see you mentioned anything about The Big Dog?! Now, that’s a mystery….

  6. three characters, three accents
    a southern mother
    A new yorker
    a “get to the point” bureaucrat
    she sparkles and “break a leg” takes on new meaning when you see her negotiate that tilt-o-wheel of a stage. A living marvel she is!

  7. Better, far better, in my opinion over MG. As for myself, well… I can only say–she works more often than I. We may have a collaboration in the making. Stay tuned.

  8. K, sssssshhh! Quiet – that’s enuf. Don’t give out any more secrets!

    MH or MG, whichever personality U R: whatever happened to Madem YouTube? You light up the Tube too. Here’s another question 4 U: but is Petrea really as good an actress as U?!

  9. She is excellent in this, btw. Every moment she is on stage the whole place lights up (they could save on their lighting bill from her presence alone).

    She plays a bunch of different characters, too. Sound familiar?

    Petrea is great!

    It’s not easy either, on that stage.

  10. Oh yes, please support the play and Petrea’s growing success. Once she’s in the spotlight we’ll get to witness the public meltdown — the drinking, the drugs, the men. And then her resurrection, when she travels to Kewanee, Illinois, to adopt orphans.