It’s a Dogs World, after a!!

Ok, let’s see what am I supposed to do here. What’s this. Oh, yeah. I’m a web & blog surfer foremost, cafe/restaurant supporter, then a blog supporter & commentator, and if time permits, a blogger.

So, in that spirit I wish to take note of one of my fav blogs, commandeered by the most popular girl in class, hiker-girl Karin B (as in Kenny G): The 2nd Act in Altadena.

And how ironic that I chose to mention her site at this time when she herself just recently blogged on one of my fav subjects – Dogs!

Shorty de female boxer

Karin donates her time over at Boxer Rescue-LA, talking & walking with these characters. These are some lucky dogs. If they only new who she is! Well, on 2nd thought, maybe not. But, as for me, I’ve known Karin only as a funny sweetheart.

The face on the right belongs to Shorty de female boxer. Karin describes her as, “the girl you’d want along for morning coffee and paper at an outdoor cafe.” If that’s the case, I would need to have two girls with me – canine & human. Besides, what’s de “morning paper?” Is that related to the stories I read on the web about newspapers getting rid of their employees? Well, if anyone would know bout the newspaper industry, KB would.

You can feel the genuine love Karin has for the canine. When she’s not walking the dog, she can be found riding the horse. Yep, she can be a dog & pony show. Shhhh! That’s a secret not for horse ears – they would dump her so fast if they heard she’s out dividing her animal time with dogs. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if them jealous horses have already taught her a lesson or two for some naughty infraction. smile_wink

But, back onto the dog path

It’s not just people losing their homes. Shorty is looking for a good home. People who are good, loving, & karing. Numerous other dogs (and cats) are searching as well. This even with the years of spaying & neutering. Check her out starting at Boxer Rescue, or get more information at Karin’s 2nd Act in Altadena blogsite.

The Pasadena Humane Society has had to add more boarding space to their facility due mainly to the housing crisis and it’s trickle-down effect on pets. As a matter of fact, last I checked there is a German Shepherd waiting for someone who needs a loyal friend & lover -man/woman’s best friend- to show up and receive some licks & love in return. Take note that these boxers & shepherds are protective & good with kids.

Here’s what was told to me about this German Shepherd. He’s about 5-6 yrs old. Neutered. Found by a dog-sitter/walker friend of my friend, at Descanso Gardens in La Canada a few weeks ago. He appeared to have had a collar until recently. Probably abandoned at the Gardens. I’ve talked to both women & they are really sold on this dog. Well behaved. I once had a German Shepherd who lived to about 13. Greeeeaaat dog, to say the least. Nothing can compare. My lady friends did their near best to convince me to take him. At this moment, my circumstances are not ripe for adding another pet into the family. Gee, so tempting.

Here’s a pic of your new smiley & handsome family member!


They are looking for a home. A loving, karing home with good, kind people who love friends & wanna add another. Does this describe you? Well, does it describe someone you know? I’m sure there is a blogger out in the blogosphere who loves boxers and/or german shepherds.

Dogs ask for so little. Just a little caring, a place to hang their head, a little water & food. But give so much in return. For example, if you don’t like In & Out burgers, they are willing to take it off your hands so it won’t go to waste, despite the fact it’s people, not dog, food!

Here’s the Pasadena Humane page link to get to this beautiful dog A239943 . In the middle of this page link is a Search by I.D. box. Enter the above code, A239943 & click the Search button. This will take you to this shepherd’s page. If the search brings up zero, then this dog has since found a happy home – great, a success story! Information on adoption can be found on their website.

This post is dedicated to blogger buddy, PA.


13 responses to “It’s a Dogs World, after a!!

  1. PA, posting time! Your wish was my command. Now, about that other blog of yours…

    Laurie, I wish you could take these homeless in as well. These dogs would become even more intelligent under your tutelage. I think your little girl would be beside herself if she had one of these dogs! Then, I can only imagine the spectacular doggy pics which would enhance your site even more!

    How’s the weather in the South of Pasadena?

  2. YP, i was gonna say you’re not “weird” – no, you’re a good, conservative, traditional, dependable, no-nonsense woman. The kind of person who doesn’t take shit from politicians. But, then you said you’re moving INTO a new home. Well! From what I read most people are moving OUT of their homes. I guess you are a weirdo after all.
    But, since you’re a lover of dogs, AND in the past shared a roof with a german shepherd, you’re OK.

  3. I know this makes me kinda weird, but I trust the new dogs I meet more than the new people. If a dog doesn’t like you, he growls or barks. (You can change his mind if you have a piece of bacon in your pocket). If a person doesn’t like you, chances are good they will smile and say, “How ’bout those Sox” even though they think you’re a schmuck.

    I had a yellow mutt as a 5-year-old and a German Shepherd later on. Neither one of them ever let me down.

    So, wish I could step up and be a friend to this beautiful dog. I can’t right now… but I WILL put a link to the Pasadena Humane society on my blog in the next few days. And, just because Cafe Observer is such a nice doggie, when I am able to get a dog (after I move into my new home) I will DEFINITELY get it from a shelter. And I will make a point of choosing an older dog that might have a harder time finding a new home.

    I’m an old dog, too.

  4. You posted. I’m so proud. I do like dogs with pointy faces (especially shepherds) but Tovah hates them. Really, she is just to difficult. I saw on the news that someone tied their dog to the shelter’s door and left a note saying they could no longer feed her/him…sad

  5. K, I will, as soon as I find it myself. btw, it’s the Dog Bone award. You humans…

    “Sweetie”!?, I’ve heard that one numerous times B4. You girls all trying to sweet talk me. (Just tell Boz Scaggs he’s a temp)…

    MH, how did YOU find out?? No, i mean…i would Never cheat on you. (You have too much free time on your hands–you need a dog.)

  6. Mike, you’re a sweetie. This trickle-down thing is tragic. I feel bad for the people, too – hope they find a place to stay.

    Boz breaks out in hives when Sprocket stays over. I wonder if he could get used to a permanent housemate?

  7. And, Karin, even the animals love you. Now I know why you’re so popular.

    PIO Ann: 18 yrs, wow! You must’ve given her some real TLC! btw, Ann, I haven’t forgotten about that little ole city hall tour-especially now that I have my new cam.

  8. I grew up with a Boxer that we named Missy, a pound puppy with only one eye. From age 3 to 18 she was my very best friend in the world. Her photo is on my desk at City Hall. If Shorty is half the canine Missy was, she’s a great dog, too!