Petrea: CallBack @ the Laemmle Theatre!

Hi everyone, Pasadena renaissance woman & good girl, Petrea Burchard my online conscience, is letting all her subjects in her audience know the latest happening in her Hollywood acting career. I will paraphrase her information as follows:

I’m happy to announce that CallBack, a film in which Petrea has a fun and funny supporting role, will have a limited theatrical release at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood from September 26th thru October 2nd.

If enuf of you movie-goers out there on the World Wide Web support this film it could, theoretically, continue on an unlimited release, maybe then making Petrea hit it really big so the paparazzi would be dying to capture her every move! fingerscrossed So, please support our Pasadena actress!!

CallBack is a dark comedy written, directed, produced and edited by the talented (and obviously multi-tasking) Eric M. Wolfson. The film comes off of the film festival circuit having played at 12 different festivals (including festivals in Australia and Canada) and having won numerous awards including: 3 Best Actor Awards (for lead Jeff Parise), 2 Best Director Awards and 2 Best Feature Awards. It’s a great time, but don’t take my word for it, watch the trailer on the website ( or check out what the critics say:

What does this critic say? I haven’t seen it. I plan to. Besides, I just do restaurant commentaries. They usually taste better. That reminds me: there better be a good restaurant nearby becuz that popcorn is gonna leave me starving after the movie.

From my days working in West Hollywood I’m wondering if the Falaffel joiint is still on Sunset. I think the Poquito Mas is still loitering the strip. Duke’s must still be next to the Whiskey A Go Go, although I only liked it for breakfast (big fluffy pancakes!).

Anyway, who tricked me onto the detour road to food! plate

So, come out and support this truly independent film & especially Petrea. I generally prefer indie films over the giant, multi-million$$ film packages, similarly to how I much favor my local cafe over the giant global chains. Bring friends and/or family. Bring 5 others and pack the theatre!

Presale tickets are available online at:

Petrea hopes to be there for the opening September 26th at 7:10. She will definitely be there for the cast and crew screening September 30th at 7:10. (btw, audition tonite, Petrea – hohoho!!) She hopes to see you! And if you recognize her, tell her Mike @ Cafe Pasadena said to come by).  But come to any screening that’s convenient for you.

CallBack: Movie Trailer

Alright, enuf. This film thing has left me hungry. Gotta run, gotta eat!


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  1. ANOTHER award?!
    Just imagine if I was a daily blogger and had sexy pics on my site! I’d have to rename myself, “Award Recipient!”

    Thank you, thank you. I’d like to accept this latest award on behalf of all my human pets. I’d like to thank my agent, my publicist, Mr. WordPress,…I hear music – ok, ok, and my fellow bloggers for their inspiration, leftwardness, and other silly human behavior.

  2. Am i still eaing? What else is a dog 2 do!
    In fact, Todd, I was over at EuroPane today, looking for your twin celeb look alike again. Instead, I saw LW…you know. Next time I see you over there I’ll say, “Hi!”

    I have a pic of a neat german shepherd over at Pasadena Humane who needs a home. Anybody interested, let me know.

  3. Karin, camera? Oh yeah, that camera. Don’t make me work too hard. I’ll be shooting in no time as soon as i finish the manual. I’m already at page 34 in this 300page bible. Besides, I like your pics better.

    Thanks YP! All viewpoints are welcome- even you & Laurie!! Must be all de dog lovers follow my blog.
    I’m not a daily blogger as everyone else – not a writer of letters (a writer of numbers), and just lazy as a dog. So, I don’t know how much commenting you’ll be able to do on my blog. I much prefer reading you & other blogs.

  4. Hello, Cafe Observer! Thanx for commenting on my blog. It’s fun to hear your unique point of view… and now that I have found YOUR blog, I will visit and contribute often!

  5. See, Laurie, I told u I would update once u got back from reading your camera bible at the dive bar!

    Petrea, I’m just doin my small part to help get your talents noticed by the paparazzi & the tabloids.

  6. DK, but I see natural acting ability. Thanks, but having some of your art would improve my site 4 sure. Hurry back to So Cal soon, & I’m a fan of Li !

    PIO Ann, we can say the same to you too!

  7. Hi Mike, I am glad you liked the 99 Cent Chef’s video. I am a 99cent player, so I should be getting 99 cents for that role. However, I consider myself an artist and not an actress.
    I appreciate all of your positive feedback.
    Your site is looking very nice these days, by the way.