Altadena Artist Chris Mathis @ Zephyr

Do Not Enter by Chris Mathis ©

You know I’ve always appreciated creative people. Now, I didn’t say I always understand them. Nor, are they always easy to identify on the street! I was one very briefly when still young & unwise. And, I did take a couple of artistic classes. So, thank God for them. Especially on those days when my self-esteem is suffering, I just gotta recall these creative souls & I feel relatively good about my self again!

One of my girlfriend’s Liz, former South Pas High sweetie, well she caught one of these artistes. Her husband- Altadena artist/photographer Christopher Mathis-has a new exhibit up at Zephyr Coffee House & Art Gallery. The exhibit is called “Pole Trash”, and runs through 9/28. Check it out, especially you creative/artistic types.

My nickname for Chris would be, “the Marlboro Man”; 21st century non-smoking version. That face needs to be in a commercial. He seems like the kind of guy who’s been everywhere (maybe even to the top of the city hall dome). And his wife could play the role of a neat BoHo girl.

Chris & Liz, you can instantly see are still much in love with each other, even after all these many, many years. Or is it decades? They still look at each other as if it’s love at first sight. Huh?. Wake up people! You’re not teenagers anymore! Well, at the very least these are damn good people. The kind of folks you want on your side if you “forgot” your wallet/purse while at an expensive high-tea joint, or a food fight broke out at the local saloon.

This is how my mind can work when my brain isn’t.

Whada bout Zephyr? I’ll give a brief commentary in the future after I first give my scoop on it to my online conscience, Pasadenan writer/actress/hiker & renaissance-woman, Petrea. Last week I was there with local foodies Elizabeth & Susan. I think artist Chris was concerned enuf for my safety he made a pit-stop to be sure I was not taken advantaged of by these women. I rarely drop in except for their take-out house coffee, which is good. There’s a disconnect when I say this, but here goes: it seems Zephyr has been around as long as I can remember! I do need to stop by more often.

Assuming my hearing is still 20/20, I heard there are plans for Chris to open a new exhibit later this year at the Coffee Gallery in Altadena. That is good enuf reason for me to brave the weather & travel up north. But, where they’d put his exhibit – backstage, frontstage, on the roof, etc, is what I’d wanna know.

Ok, gotta run. No time left for you, my dear blog. Distant blogger’s are calling me. You need not wonder why. I got, got, got no time.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny sample from artist/photographer, Christopher Mathis. If you need a photographer or just wanna see a larger slice of his work visit his website.

These make me wanna make time to buy my cam…. camera AHealthyBody-CMathis

(©: Christopher Mathis Photographic & other Arts)


15 responses to “Altadena Artist Chris Mathis @ Zephyr

  1. pa, yeah where u been? You might wanna visit Palm Axis too while you’re cruising. Probably also spendin more time with bw at our expense.
    Summer is over. Thanks giving is just after Halloween. The Christmas sales have already begun. So, I don’t wanna be too late.

  2. I guess I haven’t been over for awhile. When did you put up the Christmas lights? I figured out how to upload to You-tube. Watched a you-tube tutorial put on by a four year old. I’m humiliated.

  3. My friend Emily recently introduced me to Zephyr and I was instantly smitten – with the tea, the lovely outdoor eating area, the friendly service, the homey bungalow and the tasty spinach crepe. I’ll be back to see Chris’ artwork.

  4. Petrea, musical reference? My memory is failing me on that this time of the morning.
    Ms H: yes, I think Zeph told me about all the drama you gals brought there. Yes!, Petrea & I agree: a berry good omelette!

  5. We used to have a little writing group that met there. We’d take over one of their little rooms and fill it with poetry and drama. They serve a vetty good omelette.

  6. Laurie, and u know i worship your shutterbugging. L, u gotta take a pic when you visit the Z!
    PA, it wouldn’t surprise me if your unnamed south pas place begins w/ an H. Is your art website still on vacation?

    Glad to see both of you here together!

  7. I love Zephyr. They give you your coffee in big beautiful cups and have the honor system of paying for seconds. Unlike a certain coffee shop in South Pasadena that’s not called Buster’s. This other “place” is where the cups are small and ugly and the staff is made up of done-nothing hipsters. O.K. There I go getting cranky again. Zephyr has great atmosphere, nice people run it and they have consistently good art shows (and music). Congratulations to your friends.

  8. MIKE, thanks for heads up about the show and the link to Chris’ site. I particularly adore the street photography. I want to check out the exhibit!!