Guest Bloggers: Pasadena Adjacent & Palm Axis

(Editor’s note: Palm has just taken over my blog.  Doesn’t PA have enuf blogs of her own to post to?  Heck, I’d like to see PA return to work at the Axis blog instead of mine.  But, PA left me with no choice.  So, here are PA’s words – after I edited out PA’s “creative writing”):

If you need something to do before the dog-a-thon, big action taking place on Mount Wilson tonight (sat.) 3:00 o’clock on with tours of the snow telescope and what not (really, I don’t know what the nots are) bring food and water. I can’t promise so much as a Ritz will be served.

This event is open to the public today from the hours of 1-3pm where they’re will be a tour of the facility. After that you got to know someone.


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