Wiggle Waggle Walk – Oct 11th

For those of you who have dogs as your masters, it’s imperative you inform your dogs about the following event:

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA are having a fundraiser October 11th at Brookside Park.

It’s billed as “a fundraiser for the animals!” So, you better let your masters know, lest you have to go on an extra long walk with them, they suddenly forget their potty training, or you end up in their doghouse. smile_confused

For more official info ck it out here.


12 responses to “Wiggle Waggle Walk – Oct 11th

  1. L, if it’s not imprinted in your brain yet then I guess I need to keep this post up for a while more.
    I suggest you spend some time readin a camera manual at your loco dive bar, L, & maybe when you come back this will be updated; or at least it will look like it to you.

  2. Hey! Update your blog, Mister Observer Man! The term “Wiggle Waggle” is not imprinted in my brain from seeing it everytime I click here!


  3. this event is open to the public today from the hours of 1-3 where they’re will be a tour of the facility. After that you got to know someone. Perhaps a blogger whose tight on allowing comments through, wink wink.

  4. If you need something to do before the dog a thon, big action taking place on Mount Wilson tonight! 3:00 oclock on with tours of the snow telescope and what not (really, I don’t know what the nots are) bring food and water. I can’t promise so much as a Ritz will be served.

  5. Laurie, I think your young daughrer would love the dogs. She might become a dog girl.
    Karin, sounds like your 2 dogs have let you back into their (uh, your) house!
    pa, nowadays if you’re going on your walk or hike, it seems wise to go prepared should you meet up with a fellow walker/hiker who happens to be a pit bull or mtn lion. At the very least carry pepper spray & a club/stick, and pray. If you have a lab for your master you better inform him/her about this fund raiser.

  6. I am a supporter of hound lovers everywhere (except for pits) I’ve been attacked by them and so have two of my cats..One I saved and one I couldn’t. Don’t trust them, I trust labs.