Food & Sex…coming!

Well, I can see my Pasadena City Manager post just brought in waves of comments from you who are politically inclined/interested in the area. Can’t blame you. Spending your free time on politicians/politics can be such a waste, and lead to cynicism.

I guess I’m gonna have to go back to writing the serious stuff that really interests y’all: FOOD & SEX!!  Is that what y’all want? Starving for it?  pizza  smile_devil You can’t fool me. I bet you guys/gals think about it everyday!

Lucky with the blog police since I haven’t had the time to research my new camera. Can you imagine how this website would ignite the blogosphere if I started posting pics again?!

But, time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me…so I gotta run!


18 responses to “Food & Sex…coming!

  1. Karin, Elements? Coincidentally, did have a recent experience with it when I noticed an Elements worker picking up something from EuroPane Bakery last week! So, organic served with EuroPane items means it should be good! I think you need to join my other girlfriends as we restaurant hop. It’s up the blk from Central Pk Rest.

  2. P, I don’t like politics either. Gets me, gets me….wonderin who I get frustrated with the most: the politicians, or their bumper-sticker driven supporters.

  3. Kelly: i’m glad you love all 3: food, politics, & sex. Curious if it’s the norm for women. And, of the 3 which would women rank as #1?? Thanks 4 your input..

  4. PA, yes, I’ve died, I mean dined, there at Cheezecake Factory in Old Pas. My guess it’s “special” bcuz it’s in a tourist area, with a large menu & comparatively low prices for that specific area. Good food & sex simultaneously is an interesting thought. Thanks 4 your input.

  5. One primal urge at a time, so back to food!. At a distance (Huntington Drive) I could see a Cheesecake Factory in business at the Santa Anita Mall (so it’s part of a chain?). When I pass the CCF on Fairoaks, people are lining up around the block. What makes this place so special? The idea of naming a restaurant “Factory” seems enough to send a person in the opposite direction. Have you dined there?