Restaurant impressions…coming soon

Readers, I’ve been to a few restaurants in the last few weeks:  Heirloom Bakery Cafe in South Pasadena, Bloom Cafe in L.A., Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park, Gus’s BBQ also in South Pas, and today, the Central Park Restaurant (across from Central Park, of all places!) here in Pasadena.

I think these are worthy of my time for comment. But, just not right now! Whether they were worth my hard earned dough, well, we’ll just have to wait & see. However, I can say this about Central Park: try to get Star as your waitress – she’s a caring, fun sweetheart, i.e., a Star! Bringing along girlfriends is a bonus as they chip in their often alternative/progressive take on each place. Generally, the girls are more easy than me.

In the very near future we will be visitng Misty Mint an asian fusion place near Aaardvarks in Pasadena, and Amy’s Patio Cafe in Altadena. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews from my women friends – plus from those I’ve only read.

I’ve been to Europane Bakery Cafe (on Colorado close to Lake) as well, but well, that’s an old story. As much loved Sumi’s cafe is in the Pasadena community, in my opinion it’s still underrated & under appreciated. Can you imagine this place with free WiFi one day! Oh man & woman, there would never be a slow time there. Sadly, that may only remain a dream – a vision I hope comes true one day…

In the meantime, if any of you web surfers out there have any comments on these restaurants just drop off your comment here.


17 responses to “Restaurant impressions…coming soon

  1. I really like Heirloom Bakery and have had good lunches at Central Cafe. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Star Seafood in Monterey Park so it might have changed, but when I was there I wasn’t impressed. Can’t wait to hear your opinions.
    BTW, Gayle’s just down the street from Central Park is a great place for lunch. It gets too crowded at dinner time.

  2. You know what? I just erased anything mean I had written about whatever exists on the corner. My only thought is: If you look up Lake street at night from say – Orange Grove — it looks like a wonderful ski lift going to the top of the world. And if there were a place at the top of the mountain with good wine and honest food, who wouldn’t visit?

  3. Someone mentioned Amy’s to you. Hmmm.

    Karin, I know that place on the opposite corner. When I lived in Altadena 2001-2003 it was average food, decent service. But nothing since then has managed to take hold. Is the new wings place awful? I haven’t tried it.

  4. First of all, Amy’s is at the cross of Altadena drive and Lake, east side. But speaking of bad experiences, on the west side of that intersection in a place that should be minting $$. But it’s out of business 11 months out of twelve, and each new owner — well, I don’t know. Are they laundering money? I’ve ventured in every grand opening and it has smelled of cleaning products and mildew. Needless to say, never sampled anything.

  5. Karin, thanks 4 your comment.
    How did u find me over here? Oh, i remember!
    Amy’s in Altadena? Sounds familiar bcuz someone mentioned this 2 me 4 breakfast. Haven’t tried it yet either: “so many restaurants, so little a stomach”. Ok, I too have 2 get over there in the near future.

    Many, “truly horrible dining experiences” in Altadena?? Tell me more.

  6. Can you put Amy’s in Altadena on your to-be-reviewed list? Altadena has been the home of some truly horrible dining experiences, but this place looks charming. Haven’t tried it yet — six times burned, twice shy, or something like that.

  7. Laurie, where have you been?
    Your comment, “where’s Heirloom…”, is funny becuz I mentioned the same thing about your Bistro de la Garde on Meridian near the GL traks. Apparently, they are both in the same area but we’ve both missed seeing the other!
    L, it’s @ the nw corner of mission/meridian. de GL traks go btween it & Busters. You guys should ck it out 4 breakfast 1 day – I’d be very interested in your opinion.

    That reminds me. I have some coconut multiple layer cake I don’t want to keep waiting. gotta run.

  8. I love Central Park cafe. It’s fun to take the train from South Pas, play at the park with our little one and then finish off with lunch. I’ve had breakfast and lunch there. Great old fashioned fluffy omelette for breakfast and for lunch the pasta with cream, bacon and peas — arghghhghghghghghghghhhhhhh falls into a food-induced ecstatic coma…) yummy yum yum. This place is owned by the same folks who own Wild Thyme and Shakers, or so I’ve been told.

    Where is Heirloom Cafe? I haven’t seen it yet.

  9. Elizabeth, you are so hard are to satisfy! We got there at the same time & parking was no problem for us. Empty spaces just begging us to fill them! Maybe you need to get there on time next time. You really cleaned your plate must mean your taste buds were in love.
    I haven’t heard from our other foodie chowhound so I wonder what that symbolizes…
    Try their breakfast is a must!!
    Thanks for your review, Liz.

  10. Well, as one of your lunch campanions I have to add my two cents. I had the crab salad tower (or something like that) and it was delicious. It wasn’t a large portion, but it was enough and very different. I thought the service was great and yes, she is a “star”. I’d be open to trying the breakfast sometime 🙂 The only bummer was having to search for parking!

  11. Thanks for your comment, Ann.
    My fav salad is the Chicken Ceaser Salad which I had there today. I haven’t been there for breakfast either but it looks more appetizing than the lunch/dinner menus. I gotta ck it out for breakfast, along with Patticakes. I’m gettin really hungry now!

  12. Central Park Restaurant is great for lunch or dinner. I’ve not been there for breakfast. My very favorite item on the lunch menu is the Napa Valley Salad. Ask for it with chicken (which is not on the menu but they’ll do it). I was only there for dinner once, before a Pasadena Symphony concert, and they had an osso bucco special that was delightful. Great wine list, too.