EarthQuake!! (The Reality Show)

Locals, unless “earthquakes” are the norm in your life, I’m sure you noticed the earthquake this morning.

Very briefly: it was centered over Chino HIlls area of Riverside County at 11:42am. About 7 miles deep (shallow by quake standards) with a richter initially of 5.6, then 5.8, and last I heard now 5.4. In the lightly moderate range. So far, no major damage reported.

You can check out the news conference today held by Dr. Kate Hutton of the USGS at CalTech in Pasadena where she goes into all the juicy details and answers & reanswers media reporters questions. A few other facts I can relay from Hutton besdes the above is this: treat these relatively “small” quakes are like drills in preparation for the big one, there is a 5% chance this could be a foreshock for a larger quake, and there have been dozens of aftershocks since. So, be prepared! Well, I really am not. For a recap from the news conference at CalTech check out this link: KNBC Video

USGS Offce in the Yellow House at Caltech, Pasadena

Passed by CalTech this afternoon. Yes, as usual all the news vans are lined up there, beautifully (or illegally?) parked. Seems the only thing missing from them are the for sale signs.

You can also check out these nice links on this quake:

USGS 5.4 Quake Info

Southern Cal Earthquake Center at USC

Q: How did you experience the quake? For me it took a while to accept this really was an earthquake – and not something worse! My 1st thought was, “ok, now what??” This day was not turning out the way I planned so now what could this be! I had come to work on Colorado Blvd, then unexpectedly had to leave for home. I was gonna return to the office, when it hit. Finally, I gladly accepted the fact it was only an earthquake, as I ran around trying to grab onto something unmoveable at home. At first it felt like a jolt, then a rolling, then it would ease off, then come back rolling again. This pattern of rolling & easing-off seemed to last at least 15 seconds. Being an earthquake rider, this was one of the more shakier ones that I can remember. It even got me a bit spooked for a second. Normally, I’m, the one saying “it’s ok, be calm, it’s only an earthquake.”

So, how did it go for YOU? I hope everyone came out of this without any serious consequence besides being reminded again we need to be prepared for the biggie.

Ok gotta run, not being paid for this afterall, and gotta life.


7 responses to “EarthQuake!! (The Reality Show)

  1. Diana, of course as an out of stater you didn’t notice a thing!

    It doesn’t look like me becuz no one can draw my extreme handsomeness!
    DK, i was in Hollywood today. I didn’t see the BPig -either my eyes are tired, or it was renamed? I didn’t see you around any of those cafes either…

    I sense things are much better with you than a month ago!?

  2. I was in the shower. I must have been scrubbing because I didn’t notice a thing.

    And hey! Folks aren’t going to know I wasn’t drawing you!


    have a good one.

  3. PA, how’s the old scam (i mean CAM) going? Re-email me an update on their bs.

    Appreciate your comments. Last night a Christian was telling me these are one of the signs of the last days. Well, I hope I’m prepared if that happens – I know I’m not prepared for the other big one (quake)!! So, I’m suddenly unorganized & unprepared for this world or the next!

    Thanks re Question of the week. I’m just thinking – since it’s probably necessary to suffer at some points in our lives for certain goods to be received, I only wish the period of struggle would be very brief. I appreciate Ms H’s insights as well which add to the “answer” to my question. Both of you feel like lovely spirits – guard them! (especially from bait/switchers, right PA!)

  4. I was painting a tile in my garage/studio when the earthquake struck. I ran to front door to stand under it for protection. When I opened it, there were four Jehovah Witnesses standing on the other side staring back at me.
    (I’ve since heard that “doorways as protection” are a bad idea, but I digress)
    My J V’s were Spanish speaking except for the young bilingual girl with them. Eyes wide, she asked me if we were having an earthquake, Eyes Wide, I said yes and without skipping a beat, she apologized for only carrying the spanish version of Watchtower and then encouraged me to read my bible. And off they went!
    If this was a sign from on high, then I think it must somehow relate to your “question of the week”. May I add that I’ve enjoyed your conversation with Ms Havisham on that particular posting (note my use of the feminist Ms?).