Faith and Love: One Dog’s Life

Last night I was out driving down Hermosa Drive in San Gabriel. Coming home at the end of a working day.

When I came upon what appeared to be an apparition walking on the street.

Coming slowly toward me is a baby stroller…with a baby in it. Pushing behind it, what appeared to be grandparents, then leading majestically in front was an average sized dog.

And there was nobody else there but them and me.

I noticed a limp. Then another limp, and another, dependably one after the other. I stared at the limp, then at the right front leg. Why does it look shorter than the other limbs? A 3 legged dog? Walking. For the evening trot? At least not by an ordinary animal.

So, I tried to look up at the dog’s face. All I could see was virtue, loyalty, love, and always faithful. This was no average dog…if a dog at all.

Just as soon as I saw them, they were behind me and gone.

And I thought, “I wished I had my camera.” I wish I had my new camera!

I know dogs have been called “man’s best friend”. Today, I saw dogs can be more than that-even when we can be anything but their friend.

Men are sometimes called, “dogs”, by some women. Next time remember this dog & the divine spirit inside. Next time, take it as a compliment.

Gotta life, so gotta run…


One response to “Faith and Love: One Dog’s Life

  1. Awww……Animals are so awesome. They never feel sorry for themselves and give up. What a great lesson for us all.