Skip the Dip at Sierra Bonita!

Or, maybe the city could just rename the street from “pretty mountain” to “ugly dip”.

You’re looking straight ahead, minding your own business, trying to do your own right thing for planet earth, when out of the blue comes a bolt of “what was that!” to shake your car, and you, down! Here’s the “braking” news of what I experienced last Monday morning:

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day…Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be Monday, Monday (The Mamas & The Papas)

To slow down traffic (including police/fire) without putting stop signs or signals & keep residential streets from looking like Lake Ave’s, government will build speed breaks into the road, usually bumps or dips. (Lately, apparently government is also resorting to using unkempt roads & potholes.) Sierra Bonita Ave just south of California Blvd lurks the Dip I unexpectedly met. Now, what they consider speeding is very questionable. For example, this dip has a yellow caution “DIP” sign warning to take it at only 5mph. 5 miles?? They may as well say this part of the street is closed to traffic!

I drove over this innocent looking dip on Sierra Bonita at between 15 & 20mph. Diving head first into an empty pool may have beaten it for force of impact. The shock on the car certainly beat any earthquake I’ll ever feel.

My first reaction was, “oh man, there goes my car! I need this like I need higher gas prices!”, “Am I gonna need a tow?”. At the least, I thought my car ignition would shut off or just limp along as if on flat tires. To my awesome surprise, I received another benefit of my pre-purchase vehicle research to discover my car continued on after the shock as if the dip never existed! My car continued driving on without any apparent negative result–and continues as smoothly as before.

Truly, I experienced shock & awe in a short moment!

What can we learn from this? Well, if you usually drive in this Huntington Library area be sure you’re caffeinated so as to be on the alert to avoid meeting up with The Dip! If nothing else, when you drive this part of Sierra Bonita don’t think about any pretty mountain-instead, keep an eye out for The Dip because it’s looking for you!

Did anything good come outta this? I think I’m gonna become an honorary member of the crash test dummies for the insurance testing institute…

That’s it for today. Gotta get ready for Monday, so gotta run!


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