Breakfast @ Wheatberry

Here’s my 1st restaurant commentary. I say commentary-not review-because I’m an amateur foodie not a professional who is earning while eating for a living. Not that I wouldn’t mind if someone wants to pay me for reviews. So collectors this 1st one may be a real souvenir one day. Hehe, Haha, Hoho!

Wheatberry Bakery Cafe in Pasadena is basically your bakery/breakfast/lunch cafe. Gives you a little of everything but I haven’t tried anything here that packs a full punch. I’ve been here a few times before but this would be the 1st time for breakfast. Met up with two of my attractive girlfriends Susan & Elizabeth, both in the real estate business in Pasadena & South Pasadena. Both are married, sorry…if that makes a difference. 

Susan & I had the steel-cut oatmeal with fresh berries. Liz the eccentric carved her own path with the breakfast wrap. She ate just half & virtually forced fed me her other half. Was she showing her opinion of the wrap or just her kind self? Well, thank Liz/God she gave it to me since it tasted better than I expected. She must have blessed it with her laying of hands or something. Everything looked/tasted fresh: avocado, tomato, cheese, hard-boiled egg.

Our bowls of oatmeal looked/tasted good. We were stomach deep in conversation, early in the morning & partially asleep notwithstanding, and I usually lose some of my appetite when I’m talking. Yet, my mouth was not so full with words to overlook the very last oat in my oatmeal. Yeah, it was good or was I just hungry? Sue cleaned her bowl out as well. The key for me were both the oatmeal & fruit had just the right touch of sweetness without it tasting artificial or bland.

We washed it down with house coffee’s except I played the eccentric and went the Cafe Mocha path. They were all okay except I thought my mocha tasted more like a latte. Gee, I wonder if they have a coffee flavored muffin. Gotta remember to remind myself of that one.

Everything here looks great. This IS a bakery after all so the pastries looked really good. And anything but low calorie! Of course, I haven’t tried everything to know if the taste matches the look. But, like I said everything here has got the look.

  • Non-food notes: the tables are showing their wear & tear. It’s like a mismatch. Old, worn-out tables surrounded within a relatively new restaurant. Service? Well, we had no wait still it seems each time I’m here there’s someone different behind the register. Appears to have a lot of employee turnover even for a restaruant. I’ve had worse & better service. Again, following the theme of just OK but not great. One plus is al fresco dining. Oh, one more thing-free Wi-Fi Internet. FREE. And, that’s way beyond OK! I wonder what percentage of their potential customers walking by know about this benefit of going here…

So, overall I would give breakfast at Wheatberry a C+, or a small g: good but not Great except for the free internet. This is just one customers opinion of course, but maybe some businesses care what their customers think. Ok, gotta run. I’m not being paid for this afterall!

Wheatberry Bakery Cafe 165 S. Lake Avenue Pasadena CA 91101

Wheatberry Bakery Cafe


2 responses to “Breakfast @ Wheatberry

  1. Hey Liz!, hope you sunday is full of R & R.
    It’s good 2 know at least 1 other person out there is in total agreement with me! Yes, those pastries looked good alright. I wonder what we would have said bout them…

  2. Well my friend, I totally agree with your review. The company at breakfast was much more impressive than the breakfast itself. I also thought the food was good but not great. I should have just splurged and gorged myself on some of the pastries instead. Maybe next time? I did make my husband read your blog so he wouldn’t miss your reference to me/god, which he snickered at. Looking forward to our next “foodie adventure”.